Pelle Pelle Studded Wool Fur Hood Jacket | Red White & True

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Product Specifications:

  • External Material: Genuine Wool
  • Inner Lining: Embroidered “Pelle Pelle”
  • Internal Material: Viscose Lining
  • Sleeves: Full Sleeves
  • Cuffs: Rib-knitted Cuffs
  • Collar: Fur Hood Collar
  • Closure: Zippered Closure
  • Color: Pink
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Pelle Pelle Studded Wool Fur Hood Jacket: A Striking, Textured Outerwear Piece


The Pelle Pelle Studded Wool Fur Hood Jacket is a striking and distinctive outerwear piece that combines premium materials, intricate detailing, and a bold aesthetic. Crafted with a focus on quality and design, this jacket offers a unique and eye-catching look that sets it apart from traditional winter coats.

Key Design Elements

Wool-Blend Fabric

The primary fabric used in the Pelle Pelle Studded Wool Fur Hood Jacket is a premium wool-blend, providing warmth, durability, and a luxurious feel. The natural insulating properties of wool make this jacket an excellent choice for cold weather, while the blend of other fibers adds strength and longevity to the garment.

Studded Accents

The jacket’s exterior is adorned with strategically placed metal studs, adding a bold and edgy visual element. These studs create a distinctive textural contrast against the smooth wool-blend fabric, giving the jacket a striking and contemporary appearance.

Versatile Styling Possibilities

Elevated Casual Looks

The Studded Wool Fur Hood Jacket can be seamlessly incorporated into a range of elevated casual outfits. Pair it with slim-fit black jeans, a simple white t-shirt, and Chelsea boots for a stylish and effortless ensemble that blends streetwear and high-fashion elements.

Cold-Weather Sophistication

For the winter months, this jacket shines as a statement-making outerwear option that provides both style and warmth. Wear it over a tailored suit or a sleek all-black outfit to create a visually striking and refined look that commands attention.

Layering Flexibility

The jacket’s lightweight yet insulating design makes it an excellent layering piece for transitional weather. Layer it over a hoodie or beneath a heavier winter coat to create a cohesive and stylish look that keeps you warm and comfortable.

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